Lenten Movie Reviews – The Mighty Macs

My husband and I often joke that my favourite genre of movies are sports movies. I love a feel good underdog story, even more if it is based on a true story! The only thing that can make it better is keeping it wholesome. Which as you can imagine, is pretty rare in Hollywood!

So it made sense to start this Lenten movie journey with a basketball underdog story, The Mighty Macs.

Mighty Macs

Cathy wasn’t ready to be a housewife, and loved basketball, so she took a coaching job at Immaculata College. The school had no gym, out dated uniforms, and only one basketball. A dim future in general, the school was struggling with admissions, and the possibility of being sold. Sports were not big on the list of necessities until Cathy came along. But with team work, a lot of faith, and plenty of perseverance, they manage to come together and inspire not just the college, but the entire town.  It’s a heartwarming movie, fit for the entire family. Teaching everyone to dream big, have faith, and trust your team mates.

It is based on the real story of the women’s college basketball team at the small school just outside Philadelphia. Apparently some of the original team even makes an appearance as nuns, cheering on the team at one of the games!

My only negative on this film is it the emphasis it places on being your own woman and not needing a man. Careers and your own dreams are important, but so many women do want to find a husband and start a family. I do understand that this movie taking place in the early 70s has something to do with that, and the real struggle women faced at that time. And in the end, Cathy and her husband learn to support each other, so I guess I can let that part go. There is also a scene where the coach gets the nuns to pass a note to a student during Mass, which I doubt any nun would actually do, but it is more to show the lack of understanding from Cathy, and it is kind of funny.

Great, clean family movie, would be perfect for girls aged 6-12. 

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A Room Full of Dynamic Women

Several weeks ago I attended the Dynamic Women of Faith conference. It is held in Toronto each year, and is a day full of talks, prayers, songs, and joy.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly at home? That’s the warm welcoming feeling that I get each year walking into that big conference room. A room full of women, most I have never met before, but all so very dear to my heart. A room full of dynamic and strong women who love their Catholic faith, and love having a relaxed social day full of inspiring stories and great talks. And of course, there are a few men as well; Priests, musicians, and a speaker or two have shown up over the years to offer their testimonies and share their perspective on being Catholic.

This year, the line up of speakers did not disappoint at all. I knew several of them before hand, and have grown to adore the others as I learned more about them that day, and read up about them afterwards. Talks about being a mother in every sense, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, the Dignity and Vocation of women, so many incredible women sharing about their struggles and successes as Catholic women.

For me the highlights were Michael Coren, Lisa Hendey and founder and organizer of the event Dorothy Pilarski.

Michael Coren shared very personal stories from his life. Moments that helped shape his faith, he called them those extraordinary moments within the ordinary days of life. He of course made us laugh, but he also made us cry. My husband and I have been fans of his for years now, so seeing him speak in person was just incredible.

Lisa Hendey flew all the way in from California for this event! I have also been a fan of hers for some time, reading CatholicMom.com as well as her books. She was also so very incredible live. She talked about Saints (oh how I love our Saints!) and how they are there for us and can help us heart, mind, body, and soul. She mentioned specific saints that I knew very little about, and have now become some of my favourites! Such a moving and educational talk!

The lady responsible for this conference, Dorothy Pilarski, also spoke. Every year she is a highlight, both in her talk, and her introductions of the other speakers. She is so very full of passion and love, it is incredible to be in the same room as her! Dorothy spoke about making your mid life the best part of your life, but as she pointed out, since we do not know how long our life will be, we do not know when mid-life is! She encourages us to look and see how we have been blessed and restored. She also talked about understanding suffering, and how we need to learn to suffer because life is never going to be perfect, and we need to use that time to become closer to Jesus. So inspiring!

If you ever get the chance to attend a Catholic conference, I highly recommend it! Even if the idea of going alone terrifies you, do it! I did, and it helped to break me out of the shell, you will never be in a more welcoming setting than a room full of Catholic women! My only regret from the weekend was not sticking around afterwards to chat and take pictures! I left right away, assuming traffic would be bad getting out of the city. I missed the chance to chat with Dorothy, with Lisa, and with Terry (of 8 Kids and a Business, among other things) who chatted about entrepreneurship. But, there is always next year, right?!