Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} – Link up Sept 23 2013

I’m linking up again over at Suscipio 4 Women and the CAW series. Stop by for some encouraging words, and a little insight into some wonderful Catholic women’s lives.

Thanking God for… My family! I give thanks every day for being so blessed to have a healthy and happy family.

Looking out my window…I see a backyard in need of being cleaned up before it’s full of children this weekend.

I am praying…For those around the world that are being persecuted because of their faith.

I am pondering…Why I decided to paint a bathroom today, instead of doing all the other things on my to-do list.

I am reading…Nothing at the moment. I was reading several books, but I haven’t picked them up recently, perhaps tonight I will.

I am creating…Party games! Or at least I should be; punch out boxes and a scavenger hunt for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend.

I’m learning…That I have once again put too much on my plate, and need to learn to sometimes say no.

In the kitchen…I have pork chops, cauliflower, and red peppers waiting to go in the oven for dinner

Around the house…There is too much laundry to be put away.

I’m wearing…My painting clothes still, I need to change.

I am looking forward to…Having a house full of family and friends this weekend, in hour of my precious daughter’s second birthday.

One of my favourite things…Tea, I could use another cup right about now.

The week ahead…cleaning, decorating, play dates, school pictures, shopping, and celebrating.

Catholic Women’s Almanac (CWA) – Link up August 26 2013

I just LOVE link up parties! So this week I am linking up over at Suscipio, and her Catholic Women’s Almanac series:


So very thankful to have a healthy family. I never for a second take for granted that my children, my husband, and myself, are all healthy. And the more I hear about others’ illnesses, the more I pray for their healing and that God will keep my precious little family healthy.


That those who have wandered away from God, from prayer, from believing, find a way back to once again trust in Him.


Where There is Love, There is God. Mother Teresa


My son playing with his train sets in his bedroom, and my daughter crunching away on an apple at the table.


Chicken lettuce wraps for dinner tonight.


To be more patient with my children.


Veggie Tales Sunday School Songs. Though they aren’t Catholic, they are Christian and are much better than current pop music. My kids just love them, and I must admit, I sing the songs just as much as they do. Even the two year old knows the words to a couple of them, and listening to her sing along in the van is the sweetest thing.

Around the Web

I have found so many amazing Catholic blogs recently, and am obsessively reading them all, including many of the one listed on the Society of Canadian Catholic Bloggers.


A bug! I found a little spider on the wall, when I moved the kids play kitchen to vacuum