Small Success Thursday – conversations with my son

Here we go again with this wonderful linkup! Make sure you stop by Catholic Mom and check out all the other great posts!

Today I wanted to share some conversations that I have had recently with my son. He’s 4 years old, but sometimes the conversations we have, I feel like I am talking to someone much much older. He is so wise beyond his years, and really soaks everything in, even when we think he isn’t listening. I know I talk on here often, about doubting myself as a mother and a Catholic, and I really shouldn’t, because I have two incredible children as proof that I am doing something right.

Conversation #1 – I had just brought up the new Nativity set that I made, and I didn’t want them being ripped the very first Christmas we had them out:

Me – “Don’t pull on their arms, you have to play gentle with them”

2 year old – pulling very hard on their arms and throwing Mary across the room

Me – “Honey, you can’t pull their hands apart they are sewn together”

4 year old – “Mommy, all the hands are sewn together? Why are they sewn together?”

Me – “They are all praying”

4 year old – “They are all praying?”

Me – “Yes, they are all praying and waiting for Baby Jesus”

4 year old – “Even the Angel is praying? Why is the Angel praying, when he is already with God, he doesn’t need to pray any more”

I was blown away! When did he even learn this? It must have been said casually in conversation or during a Bible story at some point, but we have never had a big discussion about it. I then proceeded to tell him, that yes he was right, Angels are in heaven, but they can still pray, and we can pray to Angels and that they will take our prayers to God, and that makes it an extra special prayer.

Conversation #2 – Watching TV show, where the kids were looking up at the stars:

4 year old – “Mommy look, they are talking about the brightest star in the sky, that’s just like the one on the Nativity set!”

Me – “Yes you are right, it is just like that star”

4 year old “the one that the Wisemen followed, right?”

Again, I was blown away. I know we have read the Nativity story to him, but again, you don’t really know if they are paying attention until something like this happens.

Conversation #3 – Not Catholic related, just a hilarious joke:

Me – “Can you believe a telemarketer called at 7:45am today, about cleaning our ducts!”

Husband – “Wow, that’s a new one, super early”

Me – “Yeah, I don’t know where on Earth they are calling from that it is an ok time to bug us”

4 year old – “Maybe he was calling from Duckberg!” (yes that fictional town from the show/video game Ducktales!)

My husband and I laughed super hard, and so did he. He was very proud of his little joke.

I would love to hear about your small successes! Also don’t forget to check out all the great posts in the Advent link up. And watch tomorrow for a St. Nicholas Day post!

2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday – conversations with my son

  1. Sounds like a great week! Have a blessed Advent.

  2. Wow. I love it when children just blow us away like that.
    Fantastic post.

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