This oh so wonderful online Catholic community

It seems as though the only posts I do are when I am participating in a link-up. I guess that is because, as I am still new in my faith, taking part in a link-up gives me a specific topic to write about. Things are settling down a little in our house, so I should get some more time to write, but until then, here is another link-up.

This time it is over at The Catholic Librarian, and she wants us to all share why we value our online Catholic community, or why/how we started blogging and being active in social media.

I’ve had an online life for many years now, from Facebook to blogging, to twitter, but hardly any of it had anything to do with being Catholic. A little while ago, I stopped following TONS of people on twitter that had extremely different political and religious views, and stopped reading their blogs too, and I started searching out like-minded people. It’s not that I have a problem with people having a different opinion than mine, it’s just that I didn’t want my reader and my twitter stream full of negativity and blasphemous topics. If I was going to take time out of my busy day to be on social media or to read a long blog post, I wanted to make sure is was positive, it was encouraging, and it was Catholic. It is so nice to sign in to twitter, and check my blog reader, and see post after post about how amazing it is to be Catholic, tweets about Bible verses and prayers, and find such encouraging messages written to me. I then knew it was time to fully expose my being Catholic on social media and the blogging world with new accounts.

I have always written about frugal living (here), and had that twitter account as well (@notacouponqueen), but a few months ago I started up this blog and second twitter account (@cdncatholicmom), and I try to keep everything on them all Catholic all the time. As soon as I wrote my first post, and started following people and contacting them, the response was overwhelming. And when I asked for help with praying the rosary, that response was overwhelming too. After trying my hand at “mom blogging” for so long, but never really fitting in, I assumed that this blog wouldn’t garner much attention either. But let me tell you, Catholics are super nice and so very friendly, and willing to comment and offer a prayer if you simply ask them to. You all have meant so much to me, and I really do mean that. I pray for this Catholic online community all the time, because I would be lost without your tweets and posts. And in a time when it seems harder and harder to find a friend or neighbour who is Catholic, this online community becomes so very important. want to be more active, and offer support to you all, just as you have supported me, and I hope that I have more time to write and tweet with you all now that our busy life has settled down a little.

I have also fallen back in my Catholic reading; last I checked I had 3 different books on the go…I need to get back to those. And there is that Rosary that I promised to give another shot at, which I still haven’t done. There is no good enough excuse for any of that, just that I am being lazy, and that needs to end tonight.

Thank you Tiffany for hosting this link-up, I hope you all stop by her blog (it’s great!) and check out the other linking up.

One thought on “This oh so wonderful online Catholic community

  1. Mo, thanks so much for this lovely post! I am *so* with you on this. I barely post on Facebook anymore because most of the people I’m friends with there I know IRL and many of them would not appreciate religious posts. But on Twitter, I’m free to be me, and I do only follow Catholics (for the most part). My Twitter timeline is always happy and prayerful, and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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