My Rosary

Another link-up! Again over at Suscipio, this time we are sharing our rosaries:

My husband bought this for me as a Baptism gift. I love the clear beads that have a hint of colour to them when the light hits just right.


a little bit blue, sometimes pink, and sometimes purple, depending on how the light hits it

What a wonderful night that was. I was 4 months pregnant with our first child, we had been married for about 15 months, and were living in a tiny apartment in Toronto where we both worked at the time. Both sets of our parents made the late night trip into the city to attend my Baptism at the Easter Vigil. My husband was my sponsor during the RCIA program, and we both grew closer together and learned so much about our faith during that 8 month time. We became great friends with our Priest, who we miss dearly, but did make the trip back in to see him after our son was born, and he Baptised him.

I wish I could say that I pull out this precious rosary each and every day, but I don’t. I am a bit ashamed to say that I have only used it a few times, and that’s not because I have another rosary I use more…I know how so many people love to pray the rosary, I know how healing and comforting it can be, I’m just a little intimidated by it. Which is just ridiculous, but it’s true. I know the only way to get better at it, is to pray it more often. And I’m sure God isn’t up their laughing at me or getting frustrated with me if I mess up the order of the prayers, or skip something by mistake, but I feel awful when I do. And the few instructions I have found online or in print have still been a little confusing as to what happens and when. The best I have found so far, is in a prayer book that belongs to my 2 year old, which makes me feel completely ridiculous, but I am kind of like a 2 year old in my faith. Sometimes I still feel so new to all of this, and that I don’t really fully understand what it is to be Catholic. My husband was raised Catholic, and in a very good Catholic home. He also minored in Religious studies in University (he often impresses Priests with his understanding and knowledge of the Bible), so it’s harder for me because I am so new to all this.

We have talked about doing a family rosary night once a week, and getting the kids involved in it. I love this idea, and that way my husband can teach me too πŸ™‚

I would love your encouragement, I want to pray the rosary more, so please any advice you have would be wonderful, and any resources you have that might have helped you would be great too.

7 thoughts on “My Rosary

  1. Hi there! I pray the rosary to and from work in the car. I downloaded the mp3s to my phone from and I think it’s great. 15-20 mins and done! I also downloaded the scriptural rosary. If you don’t mind (and usually I would comment a blog post), but I would like to direct you to a post I wrote all about how I pray the rosary and helpful tips (that I use myself to pray the rosary). But I have to say, the kicker was reading 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Gaitley. I felt so close to Our Lady, I had to pray the rosary every day and it stuck! I told myself, “ok just 33 days of the rosary, I can try” and I haven’t stopped since earlier this year! Here are those links:

    So glad you linked up!

  2. I love the Rosary. But there are times when I don’t pray it. There were years I didn’t. It’s about seasons in our lives. Don’t be hard on yourself.
    Here is how I started… Someone said to me, “Do yourself a favor – start with a decade at a time. Stop five times/day to pray a decade.How it would work is The beginning prayers and the first prayers in the morning, then throughout the day the next three decades. The last decade and closing prayers in the evening. You can do it!”
    And it is my spiritual weapon of choice.
    Hugs to you!

    • That is such a great idea!! Especially for a busy mom! It sure seems more manageable like that, instead of trying to set aside a block of time at some point in the day.

  3. I’m with Christina – praying the Rosary in the car every day! I have a long commute, and I use the time for praying and thinking out loud at God.

  4. There have been times in my life when praying the rosary just slipped out of habit. I agree with starting small. Pray one decade for a week or two, then two decades, then three. During this time, ask Blessed Mother to help you, to give you a desire to spend time thinking about Jesus’ life while praying the rosary. If someone came to you and asked you to help them want to spend more time with your son, you would be so happy to help them! Pretty soon, quicker than you realize, praying the rosary will become a habit. Sometimes this habit will be filled with love and devotion and sometimes just prayed because it’s a habit…both are fine. Also, our Lord told us we needed to be as little children. Do not slight yourself for following a command of our Lord.

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