Getting a Little Creative

It’s hard finding time to do crafty and creative things. Really, it’s hard finding time to do anything extra each day, but when it’s important to you, you just make time. Things have been really busy around here with all the birthdays, business trips, and up coming family wedding, but I still managed to squeeze in a little creative time, and thought I would share a little progress on the felt Nativity I am making.


felt nativity

felt nativity

It’s slow going making these, just because they are so small and fiddly to work with. It’s a huge help though that I have all the felt pieces cut out (I did that all when I first started 3 years ago!) and the embroidered faces were previously done as well. It’s just a matter of sewing, stuffing, and glueing them together. The glue I am using isn’t liking the yarn I am using, as the Angel Gabriel is supposed to have hair…must remember to stop at the craft store next week.


I also found time to bake this week, and not just whole wheat banana muffins for my sons lunch either:

mini cupcakes

Train tunnel cake

I made the mini yellow cupcakes for him to take to his Junior Kindergarten class on his Birthday, and the train cake was for us to enjoy after dinner. My sister-in-law will be making the larger cake for his kids party this weekend.

Even though it can be a bit chaotic finding time to do this, and keeping the kids busy and out of my way, it still makes me so happy being creative. What do you make time for that keeps you happy and peaceful?

2 thoughts on “Getting a Little Creative

  1. Your bakes looks so terrific!

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