This oh so wonderful online Catholic community

It seems as though the only posts I do are when I am participating in a link-up. I guess that is because, as I am still new in my faith, taking part in a link-up gives me a specific topic to write about. Things are settling down a little in our house, so I should get some more time to write, but until then, here is another link-up.

This time it is over at The Catholic Librarian, and she wants us to all share why we value our online Catholic community, or why/how we started blogging and being active in social media.

I’ve had an online life for many years now, from Facebook to blogging, to twitter, but hardly any of it had anything to do with being Catholic. A little while ago, I stopped following TONS of people on twitter that had extremely different political and religious views, and stopped reading their blogs too, and I started searching out like-minded people. It’s not that I have a problem with people having a different opinion than mine, it’s just that I didn’t want my reader and my twitter stream full of negativity and blasphemous topics. If I was going to take time out of my busy day to be on social media or to read a long blog post, I wanted to make sure is was positive, it was encouraging, and it was Catholic. It is so nice to sign in to twitter, and check my blog reader, and see post after post about how amazing it is to be Catholic, tweets about Bible verses and prayers, and find such encouraging messages written to me. I then knew it was time to fully expose my being Catholic on social media and the blogging world with new accounts.

I have always written about frugal living (here), and had that twitter account as well (@notacouponqueen), but a few months ago I started up this blog and second twitter account (@cdncatholicmom), and I try to keep everything on them all Catholic all the time. As soon as I wrote my first post, and started following people and contacting them, the response was overwhelming. And when I asked for help with praying the rosary, that response was overwhelming too. After trying my hand at “mom blogging” for so long, but never really fitting in, I assumed that this blog wouldn’t garner much attention either. But let me tell you, Catholics are super nice and so very friendly, and willing to comment and offer a prayer if you simply ask them to. You all have meant so much to me, and I really do mean that. I pray for this Catholic online community all the time, because I would be lost without your tweets and posts. And in a time when it seems harder and harder to find a friend or neighbour who is Catholic, this online community becomes so very important. want to be more active, and offer support to you all, just as you have supported me, and I hope that I have more time to write and tweet with you all now that our busy life has settled down a little.

I have also fallen back in my Catholic reading; last I checked I had 3 different books on the go…I need to get back to those. And there is that Rosary that I promised to give another shot at, which I still haven’t done. There is no good enough excuse for any of that, just that I am being lazy, and that needs to end tonight.

Thank you Tiffany for hosting this link-up, I hope you all stop by her blog (it’s great!) and check out the other linking up.

My Rosary

Another link-up! Again over at Suscipio, this time we are sharing our rosaries:

My husband bought this for me as a Baptism gift. I love the clear beads that have a hint of colour to them when the light hits just right.


a little bit blue, sometimes pink, and sometimes purple, depending on how the light hits it

What a wonderful night that was. I was 4 months pregnant with our first child, we had been married for about 15 months, and were living in a tiny apartment in Toronto where we both worked at the time. Both sets of our parents made the late night trip into the city to attend my Baptism at the Easter Vigil. My husband was my sponsor during the RCIA program, and we both grew closer together and learned so much about our faith during that 8 month time. We became great friends with our Priest, who we miss dearly, but did make the trip back in to see him after our son was born, and he Baptised him.

I wish I could say that I pull out this precious rosary each and every day, but I don’t. I am a bit ashamed to say that I have only used it a few times, and that’s not because I have another rosary I use more…I know how so many people love to pray the rosary, I know how healing and comforting it can be, I’m just a little intimidated by it. Which is just ridiculous, but it’s true. I know the only way to get better at it, is to pray it more often. And I’m sure God isn’t up their laughing at me or getting frustrated with me if I mess up the order of the prayers, or skip something by mistake, but I feel awful when I do. And the few instructions I have found online or in print have still been a little confusing as to what happens and when. The best I have found so far, is in a prayer book that belongs to my 2 year old, which makes me feel completely ridiculous, but I am kind of like a 2 year old in my faith. Sometimes I still feel so new to all of this, and that I don’t really fully understand what it is to be Catholic. My husband was raised Catholic, and in a very good Catholic home. He also minored in Religious studies in University (he often impresses Priests with his understanding and knowledge of the Bible), so it’s harder for me because I am so new to all this.

We have talked about doing a family rosary night once a week, and getting the kids involved in it. I love this idea, and that way my husband can teach me too 🙂

I would love your encouragement, I want to pray the rosary more, so please any advice you have would be wonderful, and any resources you have that might have helped you would be great too.

Getting a Little Creative

It’s hard finding time to do crafty and creative things. Really, it’s hard finding time to do anything extra each day, but when it’s important to you, you just make time. Things have been really busy around here with all the birthdays, business trips, and up coming family wedding, but I still managed to squeeze in a little creative time, and thought I would share a little progress on the felt Nativity I am making.


felt nativity

felt nativity

It’s slow going making these, just because they are so small and fiddly to work with. It’s a huge help though that I have all the felt pieces cut out (I did that all when I first started 3 years ago!) and the embroidered faces were previously done as well. It’s just a matter of sewing, stuffing, and glueing them together. The glue I am using isn’t liking the yarn I am using, as the Angel Gabriel is supposed to have hair…must remember to stop at the craft store next week.


I also found time to bake this week, and not just whole wheat banana muffins for my sons lunch either:

mini cupcakes

Train tunnel cake

I made the mini yellow cupcakes for him to take to his Junior Kindergarten class on his Birthday, and the train cake was for us to enjoy after dinner. My sister-in-law will be making the larger cake for his kids party this weekend.

Even though it can be a bit chaotic finding time to do this, and keeping the kids busy and out of my way, it still makes me so happy being creative. What do you make time for that keeps you happy and peaceful?

Don’t belittle him, compliment him!

Anyone can complain, and most do, about the little annoyances their spouse does. I try really hard to not complain about my husband on my blogs, facebook pages, or on twitter, because that’s just not fair to him. Everyone has flaws (I have more than my fair share that he puts up with), so why belittle others by only ever pointing out their less favourable qualities. Instead, strengthen your marriage by showing them how much you love them. Compliments, little surprises, even a simple thank you goes a long way.

2 hearts

image source

I am so very blessed to be married to such an incredible man, he has truly made me a better person, so it’s time to join in the conversation (#tcwlovemyspouse) and share what is so incredible about my husband:

He always thanks me for making dinner each night and tells me how much he enjoyed it.

He is genuinely surprised and thankful if I find time in the morning to make his work lunch.

He makes me laugh like no one else can.

He supports and encourages me.

He puts up with me and all my craziness.

He works hard, and puts up with a brutal commute (1.5 hours each way!) each day so that I can stay home with our kids.

He is so incredibly smart.

He is the one that encourages prayer, reads Bible stories to the kids, and makes sure that being Catholic is a part of every single day.

He is a great son/brother/grandson/uncle, always there to help and encourage his family when they need it.

He is always so excited when he gets home and gets to see the kids at the end of the day.

He plays with them, reads with them, loves giving them baths and putting them to bed.

He is such much calmer with them than I am, and finds ways to calm them down or convince them to try something new. Actually, he’s like that with me too!

There are so many more things I could mention, really, I could go on for days about him! I would love to hear from you, and more importantly, your spouse would love to hear all this from you! So go write a post, or even just tell them what makes them so amazing and why you love them so much! I am linking up this post over at the Catholic Wife, join us 🙂