Feeling Truly Blessed

I am trying to make myself stop and take in those truly blessed moments in life. Force myself to focus on the good instead of worrying and stressing over things I cannot control.

This week has been filled with highs and lows. A death of a distant family member, forgetting to pay a small bill last month, and still fighting with my son at school drop off. But it has been filled with so many more high moments:

– getting paid to write a blog post, and learning that it will be featured on a major website (more news about that when it happens, it’s a piece I wrote on my other frugal living blog)

– an adventure into the “big city” as the kids call it to pick up my husband from work when all trains were cancelled

– two play dates for my son this week, so he is making friends at school after all

– winning a family pass to the new Thomas the train King of the Railway movie screening this weekend (if you have toddlers and preschoolers, I’m sure you’ve watched your share of Thomas shows and movies)

– 3 large bags filled with freshly picked apples just waiting to be turned into pies and cakes and more muffins

– my kids getting used to not having toys at Mass, and paying a little more attention

I could focus on how busy life is, how I feel constantly spinning and not on top of anything, how my house isn’t as tidy as it should be, how I still haven’t pulled the dead flowers and veggies from the gardens, but that can all wait. Right now, lets just count our blessings and give thanks for all the amazing things in our lives.

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One thought on “Feeling Truly Blessed

  1. Congratulations on getting paid to write about what you’re obviously good at!

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