I Don’t Yet Know Why, But I Shall Be At Peace With It

Do you ever wonder why God has chosen you for a specific vocation? Or why he has chosen you to live out your life a certain way? It’s a tall order, but thoughts like these often cross my mind.

If something tragic happens in your life; a severe illness, or even a death, people often say things like “it’s part of God’s plan” and “He wouldn’t place anything in your life that you couldn’t handle”. Which at the moment might not make you feel better, but eventually it is very reassuring. God does have a plan for us, and knows just what we can handle, and we need to put our full trust in Him.

I have had a pretty good life, raised in a loving family, married a strong Catholic man, and now have two beautiful children. Nothing really tragic has happened to me. There have been minor illnesses, and deaths, but mostly in those who were older and lived a long and happy life. My husband and I are both healthy, and so our are children. We haven’t had to deal with job loss, or accidents, or anything really.

We truly are blessed.

Is this because we pray every day, giving thanks to God for what we have, and ask for protection from evil and to keep us all healthy? But what about those who do pray, and still have a hard life?

Is it because He knows that we aren’t strong enough to handle something serious? Does God think we are weak, so he has given us an “easy” life?!

I often think it is because there is something much worse ahead. I don’t worry about it, because worrying gets you nowhere, and I know to trust in Him. He knows what is best for me and my family.

Anytime a child gets sick, or something little happens to change our life, I stop and think “it could be so much worse, we need to get through this with as much grace as possible, because maybe next time it will be worse”

I used to be a worrier. To the point I would get myself worked up and in tears over the littlest things, I would panic thinking of the worst case scenario every time, focusing only on the negative and how awful things were. I didn’t learn to relax and have faith, until I found my faith, until I put my trust in Him.

I don’t know why some have to deal with illness, war, death, or abuse. I don’t know why God has chosen my little family to be free of all this, but I am thankful for it. I also know that I am still young, my family is just getting started, and just because this current moment is easy, doesn’t mean a hard life isn’t around the corner. Life can change in an instant, and if it does I put my trust in Him and pray for the strength to handle whatever comes my way.

It’s heartbreaking to see all the tragedy in the world. To see friends and family struggle with health issues. To hear of war and death in the news. To read other blogs and hear of daily struggles with health issue, and precious little babies fighting for their lives in NICUs. More news about a child being kidnapped or abused or a car accident taking a young life. It’s overwhelming to think of it all. And I pray that they can find Him in their difficult moments, that they can all trust in God, find a Saint to pray to, and find strength in the fact that Jesus died for them.

I pray that if something hard does happen, I can keep my faith and still trust in Him. He will give me strength in those difficult moments, and until they arise, I am so thankful for the life I have.

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales

Do not look forward to the changes and chances of this life with fear. Rather, look to them with full confidence that, as they arise, God to whom you belong will in his love enable you to profit by them. He has guided you thus far in life, do you but hold fast to his dear hand, and he will lead you safely through all trials. Whenever you cannot stand, he will carry you lovingly in his arms.

Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow. The same eternal father who takes care of you today will take care of you tomorrow, and every day of your life, either he will shield you from suffering or he will give you unfailing strength to bear it.

Be at peace then, and put aside all useless thoughts, all vain dreads and all anxious imaginations. Amen.

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